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Our mission

We, the Cyber Security FOG GmbH i. Gr. are a high technology company from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Our mission is the fight against cybercrime. Our drive to defend a network from Cyber ??attacks with a system that identifies and prevents today's and future threats. Our realization is that only an intelligent "machine" that has no fault tolerance and a response time in the millisecond range, can prevent attacks on an IT network effectively.

We have developed this system over the last three years.

We are

Dr. Helge Husmann

Since his studies as Master of Science Applied IT Security at the International School of IT Security in Bochum and the Studied theoretical mathematics with the degree as doctor of theoretical mathematics is Dr. Husmann working on a system that defends all cyber attacks autonomous. In recent years he has worked in many IT security projects. He has realized his vision of an autonomous cyber security system over the past 3 years. He has developed an algorithm, which autonomously and intelligently monitors networks and independently initiates defense measures when an attack takes place.

Function at Cyber Security FOG GmbH i. Gr.
Managing Director
Technical Manger

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