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CS FOG - the next cyber security generation


An intelligent machine against cyberattacks


CS FOG - autonomous, automatic IT network security

Protects your data from theft and destruction.

defends all cyberattacks

Whether it is ransomware, virus attacks, hacker attacks from external or internal, as well as attacks over the Internet, CS FOG recognizes every attack and initiates actions independently.

autonomous security

CS FOG works fast and flawlessly. It can't make mistakes or overlook anomalies. It learns permanently, so it's always up-to-date. It works around the clock, every day.

learning system

The system learns permanently, it grows continuously. With this ability, it can adapt all possible scenarios today and in the future.

reduces costs for cyber security

CS FOG handles all administrative tasks. There is no need for labor and operating costs thanks to the fully autonomous adaptive IT security structure. The expenditure on cyber security is permanently reduced.

CS FOG in action

CS FOG is working since March 2017 at a Swiss insurance company.

The system detected 16,000 hacker attacks in the first 3 months and defended them successfully.

9,427 attacks on the web site

5,998 virus attack

1,428 internal attacks

3 Ransom attacks