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CS FOG - Cyber Security System

Adaptive security for your IT-network
CS FOG responds in milliseconds to any anomaly in an IP address

CS FOG is an adaptive IT network security system that detects hacker attacks and other attacks in milliseconds and initiates independent measures.
The CS FOG System is an autonomous system that detects all anomalies in a network and automatically removes them in milliseconds. The system consists of a permanent learning algorithm and an adaptive server. The algorithm monitors all IP addresses in the network and controls the defense against attacks autonomously. The algorithm lays itself in the network and forms a kind of immune system. This allows CS FOG to efficiently secure the network from the inside. CS FOG works fast and flawlessly. It can't make mistakes or overlook anomalies. It learns permanently, so it's always up-to-date. It works around the clock, every day.

CS FOG is a fully autonomous, automated and learning system, ist is completely independent.

The algorithm in conjunction with the adaptive server makes CS FOG an effective defense system against all attacks on a network.

System graph:

Image 5

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